About Erin

How Erin got her start

Erin Brown was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and credits her hometown for teaching her the power of grassroots organizing and community. She became involved in politics in 2013 as a Youth Coordinator for the Nova Scotia provincial election in an election where the Liberal Party nearly swept the province. In 2014 she joined a nominee team for the Dartmouth-Cole Harbour federal nomination working on driving membership, and then joined the newly nominated candidate as his Day of Action Chair, and later Canvass Chair. In 2015, she left her position with Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, and joined the Halifax Liberal team to be the lead on door-knocking, as the Canvass Coordinator.



In 2014-2015, Erin served as the Vice President of Organization for the Dalhousie Young Liberals, and in 2015-2016 served as both the Vice President of Communications for DalYL, and the Vice President of Finance for the Nova Scotia Young Liberals. She then served as the Vice President of Policy for the National Executive of the Young Liberals of Canada from 2016-2018, spearheading the project to create the most open policy process for the Young Liberals ever and writing the Young Liberals Charter in consultation with provinces. 

Now, Erin is running to be the President of the Young Liberals of Canada. She believes in supporting the grassroots of the organization, expanding clubs in rural and remote areas, and creating a communications network for members.


Youth Chair of Dartmouth East Liberal Association: 2013-2017

Vice President-Outreach of Dalhousie Young Liberals: 2014-2015

Vice President-Communications of Dalhousie Young Liberals: 2015-2016

Vice President-Finance of Nova Scotia Young Liberals: 2015-2016

Day of Action/Canvass Chair, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Liberal Campaign: 2015

Canvass Coordinator, Halifax Liberal Campaign: 2015

Operations and Field Team for Nova Scotia Liberal Leader’s Tour: 2017

Vice President-Policy of Young Liberals of Canada: 2016-2018


Peter Schiefke

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Erin over the past two years, and have been consistently impressed with Erin’s knowledge and dedication. Erin is a passionate leader, who has shown me that she has a deep understanding of what our party can do to better engage youth. I look forward to seeing her future contributions to the Young Liberals."

Bernadette Jordan

"I am happy to lend my support to Erin Brown for the position of National Chair, YLC. I first met Erin three years ago and her commitment and dedication to the party, to young people and to women was evident from that first meeting. Erin has gone on to show me that she is a strong leader with an ability to listen and work with diverse groups of people. I am confident that with Erin as National Chair the Young Liberal organization will grow and thrive.  When the time comes to cast your vote I ask that you cast it for Erin, a true leader." 

Mitchell Goldie

"As we inch closer to next year's federal election, our priority as Young Liberals should be to build on the successes of 2015 and what we have accomplished over the course of the past mandate. This is why, above all, the YLC needs someone with experience and a fundamental understanding of how the organization functions at its helm. Because of this, I am happy to throw my support behind Erin to be the next President of the Young Liberals of Canada."

Fatimah Nadhum

"I am delighted to endorse Erin Brown for the President position of the Young Liberals of Canada. Given her positive contributions over the past two years as VP Policy, I am confident that Erin will continue to go above and beyond to strengthen the organization. Her robust and multifaceted vision for campus and riding clubs will ensure that young liberals are well-equipped with the appropriate tools and resources in preparation for the 2019 election. Additionally, Erin's passion for supporting and fostering women leadership is critical given the systemic and institutional barriers young women face in partisan politics. With that said, I encourage everyone to join me in supporting Erin's candidacy for YLC President."

Christi Basabara

"Erin has constantly demonstrated her competence as a leader. Her stellar communications and organization skills are exactly what we need moving into the 2019 election. I could not be happier to endorse Erin for President of the Young Liberals."

David Friedland

"I've worked with Erin in numerous environments over the past two years through campaigning for the YLC National Exec in 2016 and by working with her while we both served on the national board. Erin is a hard working and passionate person who will lead the Young Liberals into the next chapter of activism and I'm confident that her leadership will be able to more clearly define what the role of the YLC is within the new constitutional framework put forward at the previous convention. Erin is dedicated to listening to all Canadians from coast to coast to coast, and is keen to take a stand on issues that the Liberal Party should be a part of, such as getting rid of the Gay/Trans Blood Ban. Having seen Erin firsthand lead the conversation around prioritizing policies for the convention, I can say that this is not someone who will burn out like many previous executives before her and will be in this fight for the long haul. Erin has my complete faith, and I hope she has yours too."